Child abuse is a notorious and common problem in communities around the country. It is also entirely preventable. The TIPPS team is developing materials specific to Mississippi for resources on how to address issues of abuse in local communities. While these materials are under development, the links below offer helpful national resources:

Preventing Sexual Abuse

Helping children understand boundaries, understand their bodies, and understand healthy relationships can give them tools to help protect them from sexual abuse. Remember, talking about sex with your teen won’t make them more likely to have sex. It is normal for your child to be curious about sex. They will seek out the information from their peers, social media, or the internet, and they are unlikely to get accurate information from these sources. Making sure they have the facts and are knowledgeable about sex helps keep them safe. Research has shown us that teens actually want their parents to talk to them about sex. You can do it! Find out more about how to have conversations like these in our recent publication: Talking with Your Teen about Sex and Relationships