This free app uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you learn to control your anxiety. Through different tools, Mindshift helps you track your moods and relax from things like worry, stress, social anxiety, and panic.


Headspace teaches and guides you through meditation practices to help you focus better throughout the day, feel less stressed, and sleep better at night.


Sanvello gives you four kinds of support for you to choose from for your mental well-being. You can track your moods and progress, join an online group of people experiencing similar things for support, get coaching from professionals, and even speak with a licensed therapist.


Youper uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to support your mental health and teach you to understand your emotions. You can chat, track your moods, learn to meditate, and more.


Antistress offers a variety of games designed to help you unwind. In a stressful situation, you can play any of the games to help you relax.


This app help you become focused and increase your motivation. Remente encourages you to set goals, teaches you how to be productive, and shows you different ways to make life-changing behaviors.

Mood Path

Mood Path is designed to help improve your emotional well-being. It sends you questions three times a day to encourage you to think about your mood, provides a mood journal, shows you your mental health reports, and gives you helpful resources.

Daylio Journal

This online journal allows you to keep track of your day by simply clicking icons rather than writing lengthy journal entries. Through tracking your daily activities, it motivates you to begin healthy new habits.