Who can apply?

  • United States citizens OR qualified Green Card Recipients with legal documentation
  • Mississippi residents
    • Proof that you live in Mississippi MUST be brought with you when you apply
    • Proof includes: a utility bill with your name and address, last 4 check stubs, driver’s license with a Mississippi address, or mail from your current address
  • People who meet HUD’s definition of family
    • Family: a person or group of people (2 or more) who live together; you do not have to be related by blood or law
  • People with a household income below 30% of the county’s median income
  • People who have NOT been evicted from public or Section 8 housing because of a drug-related crime
  • People who are of age:
    • 21 years old or older, OR
    • 18 years old and married, OR
    • had their minority status legally removed (emancipated)

How to Apply

  1. Download the pre-application form from the following link: http://cloud2.snappages.com/5681fb28f2d59afd515c74ab519327f86373208d/Pre%20Application%202018
    • You MUST fill out this form first
    • What you will need to fill it out:
      • Social security numbers of EVERY person in your household
      • Current address
      • Income amount for each person in your household
      • Addresses and landlord information for EVERY rental you have had for the last 7 years
  2. Mail in the completed form to:
    • Mississippi Regional Housing Authority IV
      P.O Box 1051
      Columbus, MS 39703
  3. You will get a letter in the mail from MRHA IV to come IN PERSON for a formal application.
    • You will need:
      • Social security cards for household members
      • Birth certificates
      • Picture ID
      • Documentation of income
      • Documentation of preference status (depends on housing preference)

Important Information

  • The date that MRHA IV gets your pre-application form in the mail will be the date that your application begins.
  • Getting Section 8 assistance might take up to 3 years or more. The time will vary based on where you are applying. In counties that have more people, the wait will likely be longer.
  • Once you receive a voucher, you only have 6 weeks to find a place to live. It is suggested that you start looking for a place that will take a voucher before you have one. It is important to realize that not all landlords will take a voucher and some places only have a small number of units available for voucher use.
  • If the following changes take place, you are REQUIRED to mail or deliver a written letter to tell Mississippi Regional Housing Authority IV within 10 days of the change:
    • Family members (those living in your house) move out or increase
    • Income changes
    • Address changes
    • Any changes in preference status
  • If you do NOT respond to MRHA IV with any of their requests, you will be taken off the waiting list.

Necessary Documents

You will need several documents and items as proof during this process. Below are lists of documents you may need.

To prove your age:

  • Birth certificate
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Social Security Administration Benefits printout
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Military discharge papers
  • Valid passport
  • Census document showing age


To prove your household is family:

  • Birth certificates
  • Divorce actions
  • Drivers’ licenses
  • Employer records
  • Income tax returns
  • Utility bills
  • Marriage certificates
  • School records
  • Social Security Administration records
  • Social service agency records
  • Support payment records
  • Veterans Administration Records


To prove family type (family, elderly, disabled):

  • Birth certificate
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Social Security records
  • Receipt of SSI or Disability benefits
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Census record


To prove preference status:

  • Red Cross letter
  • Fire report (for house fire)


  • Social Security/SSI letter
  • Last 4 check stubs